ASICS – Increased average organic revenue by 122%

Awards Won:

Global Search Awards 2022
2022 Search Awards Instagram Badges
European Search Awards 2022 WInner
UK eCommerce Awards 2022 winners
Global Agency Awards 2022 - Winner
The Drum Search Awards Winners 2022
European Search Awards Winner 2021
UK Search Awards Winner 2021
Global Search Awards Winners 2021

ASICS, one of the leading sports retailers in the world, approached Re:signal in December 2018 with a desire to generate an uplift in organic search traffic and revenue across European sites, following previous years of organic search decline and stagnation. 

Defining our goal

Re:signal performed a full audit of ASICS SEO processes, their market share, and visibility. Following this we presented ASICS with a complete competitor and opportunity analysis, and a forecast for growth.


From this ASICS and Re:signal set initial targets for the partnership:

  • 30% Increase in Year-on-Year Organic Revenue.
  • 30% Increase in Year-on-Year Organic Search Traffic.


“We were consistently missing our targets on organic revenue growth…

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FatFace – Increased organic revenue by 96%

Awards Won:

European Search Awards 2022 WInner
Global Search Awards 2022
2022 Search Awards Instagram Badges

FatFace is a British clothing and accessories retailer with over 200 retail locations across the UK and Ireland plus an eCommerce presence throughout North America.

Re:signal have worked with FatFace since December 2020, helping them transition from a retail brand with a small online footprint to a leader in the competitive world of fashion eCommerce across the UK and United States.

Defining our goal

We worked with Fatface to determine what our goal should be, to help them achieve their organic growth and revenue targets. 

Together, we decided our main objective would be to drive an increase in organic visitors and revenue for a specific category within the website –

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Loop Earplugs – Increased organic revenue by 990%

Shortlisted for

European Search Awards Finalists 2022
The Drum Search Awards Finalists 2022
Global Search Awards 2022 - Finalist
Uk Search Awards Finalist 2022

Loop Earplugs is a global e-commerce brand, renowned for its innovation within the industry, and for creating sleek, durable, and high-quality earplugs. Referred to by Wired magazine as “Hearing protection that looks like jewellery” Loop Earplugs provides hearing protection to a wide range of customers, up until recently they have had a broad target audience. However, they wanted to move into a more specific area, targeting users with noise sensitivity issues, and neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism, etc.).

Loop Earplugs has been a Re:signal client since June 2021, and we have provided a consistent stream of high-quality and actionable deliverables that have resulted in incredible organic results.

Defining our goal

Based on completing a thorough SEO technical audit, a performance review and a content gap analysis, we were able to uncover opportunities to increase organic performance.

Loop Earplugs are a fast-growing, ambitious brand, with a desire to massively scale-up. Together, we looked at the opportunities available and set the following targets:

  • To grow Loop’s organic revenue to 20% split of total revenue 
  • To grow organic traffic 3X

New process, new challenges

To achieve our goals, we developed a comprehensive strategy designed to attract awareness, consideration and conversion traffic following Loop’s expansion of their target audience.

  1. We successfully implemented optimised canonicalisation –

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OKA – Increased organic search revenue by 109%

Awards Won:

UK Search Awards Winners 2016

OKA is a top British furniture and home accessories retailer. In 2015, OKA and Re:signal (at the time called Blueglass!) joined forces to kickstart the companies online growth strategy!

Defining our goal

Our first step was to complete an audit and analysis of OKA’s SEO processes, and the opportunities that existed for growth and optimisation. 

This led us to a clear goal:

Increase organic search revenue.

New process, new challenges

To deliver this, we needed to get creative. We designed an innovative content creation and SEO optimisation strategy to achieve our aim.

  1. Prioritised SEO strategy by value – focusing on new customer acquisition for interior/outdoor furniture, whilst providing existing customers with information on new designs, and inspirations.
  2. Worked backwards from revenue target – taking
    the organic search conversion rate, we determined the
    new search traffic levels we needed to reach.
  3. We targeted search terms that would bring in a sufficient amount of traffic to meet the identified target traffic.
  4. Content creation – we created a production, publish and outreach calendar for each quarter. This allowed us to have the content written, published and promoted as the seasonality started.
  5. With the target keyword categories, individual keywords and landing pages we were able to improve rankings.

The Business Impact

We had two main highlights in our time working with OKA:

  1. Since working together we achieved our aim of increasing organic search revenue for OKA, we exceeded our targets and managed to boost this by 109.42%
  2. We won Best Use of Search in Retail at the 2016 UK Search Awards.

Increase in organic search revenue

“The Re:signal team is very imaginative and good at conjuring up innovative ideas that have had an impressive impact on our search visibility and ultimately, revenue driven from organic search”

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Healthspan – Increased organic search revenue by 144%

Shortlisted for

UK Search Awards Shortlisted 2014

Healthspan approached Re:signal seeking to improve their SEO performance. Their rankings had taken a huge hit as a result of Google’s Penguin algorithm, so they needed to vastly improve their search visibility. Moreover, Healthspan needed support with their content marketing strategy to increase the brand’s organic search performance.

Defining our goal

We started by working with Healthspan to understand their business goals, and how we could tailor a strategy to support them. 

With this we in mind we set a primary objectives:

  • To increase Healthspan’s YoY organic search revenue.
  • To help Healthspan recover from the negative effects of the Penguin Update.
  • Reduce Healthspan’s reliance on paid search spend.

New process, new challenges

In order to achieve our goals, we developed a solid digital content strategy. The overarching idea was to make high quality content that would build the Healthspan brand online. We would deliver this by creating a bespoke content hub centred around nutrition, supported by digital PR campaigns, and underpinned by SEO optimisation. 

  1. We Successfully removed Google’s Penguin penalty to increase search visibility and market share. We were able to achieve this through link analysis, removal and lots of documentation to support our reconsideration requests.
  2. We set a clear SEO and content strategy around transactional category/product terms. In addition to this, we also built out a nutritional content hub to drive awareness traffic.
  3. We constructed a range of creative digital PR led campaigns supporting the Healthspan brand. Hiring nutritionists as writers to build up their profiles to showcase on authority publishers.

We built relationships with high quality publishers &

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Better Gyms – Increased YoY organic traffic by 131%

Awards Won:

UK Search Awards Winners 2015

Better Gyms have grown significantly since beginning to work with Re:signal in 2014 – increasing from 115 sport and leisure centres to now over 250 across the UK.

Our role was to support their internal marketing team and enabling Better’s digital performance to reflect their fast growing business plans.

Defining our goal

To start with, we needed to work out the most effective and efficient changes we could implement, to grow Better’s visibility.

With this we in mind we set a primary objective:

To grow Better’s YoY organic traffic!

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