Better Gyms – Increased YoY organic traffic by 131%

Emma Raw

Digital Marketing Manager - Better Gyms

Awards Won:

Better Gyms have grown significantly since beginning to work with Re:signal in 2014 – increasing from 115 sport and leisure centres to now over 250 across the UK.

Our role was to support their internal marketing team and enabling Better’s digital performance to reflect their fast growing business plans.

Defining our goal

To start with, we needed to work out the most effective and efficient changes we could implement, to grow Better’s visibility.

With this we in mind we set a primary objective:

To grow Better’s YoY organic traffic!

New process, new challenges

Our strategy revolved around optimising and creating content which would allow us to improve member retention, and increase Better’s market share vs their competitors. 

We produced a clear SEO and content marketing strategy to catapult Better to the next level. 

  1. We prioritised content strategy by value – we analysed PPC data to identify and optimise for the highest converting paid search keywords.
  2. We fixed technical SEO issues – we discovered a high number of duplicate content and indexing issues, which once reduced to a more manageable size helped us to ensure the quality of live pages was greatly improved.
  3. We improved the local SEO approach – we created a clear model to optimise for localised searches and leisure centres – building a process for future centres which were being frequently added. This included running SEO training workshops for leisure centre managers – to strengthen rankings further with the creation of unique and informative local content.
  4. We created content to strengthen online reputation – building authoritative content, published on leading health and fitness publishers to build awareness and reputation for Better at both a brand and local level.

The Business Impact

We were able to achieve some fantastic results:

  1. Organic traffic grew exponentially – we were able to grow Better Gyms organic traffic by a massive 131% in a year.
  2. Our efforts resulted in Better Gyms winning ‘Best Use of Search in Third Sector’ at the UK Search Awards 2015.
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