ASICS – increased organic revenue by 93.7%

Awards Won


ASICS, one of the leading sports retailers in the world, approached Re:signal in December 2018 with tough growth targets of 30% year-on-year uplift in organic search traffic and revenue across European sites, following previous years of organic search decline and stagnation.

Strategy & Approach

  1. Identified & implemented key technical SEO actions working together with the in-house team in deployment sprints to ensure we had a solid platform to build upon.
  2. Created a centralised content strategy prioritised by value across the customer journey to target awareness, consideration and conversion buying cycle phases. Analysing paid search data trends, in order to focus on a clear target audience of the running community and sports enthusiasts, specifically optimising for highly popular branded product/category level keywords and the common user paths that took them to purchase.
  3. Localised research / insight and delivery across 8 key European markets and languages  We produced authority content against our strategy across the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal. 
  4. Agile approach to test, learn and improve we worked in monthly sprints, with quarterly business reviews to analyse lead and lag indicators, ensuring we were on track and adapting to any seasonality and business changes.
  5. Produced creative digital PR campaign to strengthen link reputation this was produced and promoted on the topic of how far can you run in a year.


  1. Organic revenue increased by 93.7% year on year (from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2019, vs 2018) across the ASICS Europe site.
  2. Organic traffic increased by 41.7% year on year (across same time period / site).
  3. We won 2x European Search Awards (2020) + 1x Global Search Awards (2020) in categories for Best Use of Search – Retail / E-commerce (SEO), Best Pan European Campaign and Best B2C Campaign.

“Re:signal were able to diagnose the problem perfectly and produced a detailed strategy that gave us 100% confidence that it would get results.”

Andrew Longley, Senior Ecommerce Performance Manager

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