Loop Earplugs – Increased organic revenue by 990%

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Loop Earplugs is a global e-commerce brand, renowned for its innovation within the industry, and for creating sleek, durable, and high-quality earplugs. Referred to by Wired magazine as “Hearing protection that looks like jewellery” Loop Earplugs provides hearing protection to a wide range of customers, up until recently they have had a broad target audience. However, they wanted to move into a more specific area, targeting users with noise sensitivity issues, and neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism, etc.).

Loop Earplugs has been a Re:signal client since June 2021, and we have provided a consistent stream of high-quality and actionable deliverables that have resulted in incredible organic results.

Defining our goal

Based on completing a thorough SEO technical audit, a performance review and a content gap analysis, we were able to uncover opportunities to increase organic performance.

Loop Earplugs are a fast-growing, ambitious brand, with a desire to massively scale-up. Together, we looked at the opportunities available and set the following targets:

  • To grow Loop’s organic revenue to 20% split of total revenue 
  • To grow organic traffic 3X

New process, new challenges

To achieve our goals, we developed a comprehensive strategy designed to attract awareness, consideration and conversion traffic following Loop’s expansion of their target audience.

  1. We successfully implemented optimised canonicalisation – Many of the pages on the website were either missing a canonical tag or the page included multiple canonicals. We designed new canonicals for each page to be implemented, and removed all duplicates.
  2. We reviewed the Loop Earplugs site internal linking opportunities and fixed any linking issues that could be enhanced for organic growth. We then highlighted any website pages that produced a high amount of organic revenue but received a low amount of internal links, reworking this to provide better linking. 
  3. We identified existing content where SEO performance could be improved with updated content, and found content gaps where we targeted new keyword groups to drive additional traffic to the site.
  4. We executed a comprehensive technical SEO and link audit to further optimise visibility and customer UX generating targeted digital PR coverage with further monthly content.

Growth Delivered

1 – Opportunity analysis revealed huge growth potential!

2 – The optimised Loop Earplugs blog

The Business Impact

We managed to overachieve on our key targets and help Loop Earplugs continue their amazing growth!

  1. Organic revenue target = 20% split of total revenue – achieved 28.63% split
  2. Organic traffic growth = “massive scaling at approx 3x” – achieved 340.49% growth YoY.
Increase in organic revenue
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Increase in organic traffic
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