World Remit – Increased organic revenue by 92%, and traffic by 214%

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Re:signal and WorldRemit started working together in 2017, kicking off what would turn out to be a hugely successful 4 year partnership. World Remit is a leading digital money transfer company , providing international money transfer and remittance services. With ambition and drive to grow their revenue streams, World Remit approached Re:signal to help with maximising their organic growth. 

Defining our goal

The remittance market is highly competitive, and without consistent improvement organic performance tends to decline. 

Our fundamental goal was to increase WorldRemit’s revenue through its organic traffic sources.

To achieve this, we identified opportunities to serve users with the right content at the right stage of their journey and aid WorldRemit in international expansion.

New process, new challenges

After a thorough audit of WorldRemit’s SEO processes, content, keyword rankings and opportunity for growth we decided on a plan of action. 

We identified optimising content towards receiver countries as the biggest growth opportunity. Our strategy was to update and optimise existing content and create new landing pages to target the gap in topics for our focus markets. This created an effective user journey, which increased conversions and organic market share. We also decided  to optimise technical SEO processes to support our new content strategy. 

  1. We focused on optimising content around ‘Send/transfer money to X’ search terms as the biggest growth opportunity from a commercial perspective.
  2. We updated and optimised existing content and created new content to target the gap with the top competitors. We also optimised content towards key terms with awareness/informational intent that support the journey to transactional pages.
  3. We focused on the top converting keywords rather than volume by analysing searcher intent and mapping this with extensive keyword research and SERP analysis for all commercial topics.
  4. We revamped World Remit’s Technical SEO including successful implementation of hreflang via html in page source, CMS re-platforming, re-platforming with design and layout changes, and the consolidation of duplicated pages.
  5. We researched and produced content for the top receiver countries to support a new page template that had primarily been designed with UX functionality in mind. Delivering landing pages that provide the best user experience from a content and usability perspective.
WorldRemit - Buyer Journey

Actionable insight

A few examples of our work.

  1. A chart of our “Send Money To” relative search volume analysis. 
  2. One of the “money transfer” pages we optimised with a new layout!

The Business Impact

We helped improve outcomes with two key considerations:

  1. Our strategy-driven approach kept things simple – we asked “What was the goal and what’s the best way to hit it?” Breaking our plan down into fixing key issues and targeting top opportunities (such as strengthening “send money to” keywords) in order to hit organic growth targets proved incredibly successful.
  2. We took an agile and multi-faceted approach to implementing change – by combining technical and on-site SEO changes, while taking into consideration the international markets, we were able to meet our objectives and exceed the goals set. Our senior SEO strategist worked in WorldRemit’s office for 1 day every 2 weeks in order to champion and implement essential changes with developers and communicate clearly with the marketing team.
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