FatFace – Increased organic revenue by 96%

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FatFace is a British clothing and accessories retailer with over 200 retail locations across the UK and Ireland plus an eCommerce presence throughout North America.

Re:signal have worked with FatFace since December 2020, helping them transition from a retail brand with a small online footprint to a leader in the competitive world of fashion eCommerce across the UK and United States.

Defining our goal

We worked with Fatface to determine what our goal should be, to help them achieve their organic growth and revenue targets. 

Together, we decided our main objective would be to drive an increase in organic visitors and revenue for a specific category within the website – Women’s Jeans.

To achieve this, we knew would need a comprehensive and innovative content strategy.

New process, new challenges

We wanted to drive an increase in organic visitors and revenue by matching user intent with on-site content, and building topical authority.

To achieve this we built a custom SEO & Content strategy.

  1.  We conducted extensive keyword research for each category designed to expand our knowledge to include search terms our competitors weren’t ranking for and what was relevant to the audience. 
  2. We created optimised on-page content and metadata designed to both enhance Google’s contextual understanding of the page’s purpose while providing useful information for users.
  3. We implemented an internal linking strategy which made the relationship between all pages in the category clear and enabled easy navigation for shoppers.
  4. we created a selection of regularly-updated
    supporting content around women’s jeans, such as The History of Dungarees and The Ultimate Denim Fit Guide. These answer common questions around the products, build topical authority and provide genuinely useful information for searchers.
  5. We performed a complete link audit, which revealed a number of toxic, low quality backlinks which were subsequently disavowed.
Our strategy made a real impact on traffic!

Content to match User Intent

The Business Impact

Our highlights:

  1. The number of organic keywords the main category ranks for has doubled and revenue has increased by 96% (and continues to grow).
  2. We’ve been able to increase prioritisation and internal development resources dedicated to SEO. FatFace now view SEO as an integral part of their growth strategy, and have started actively growing their team to support this.
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