Expedia – Boosting car hire organic transactions by 19% & traffic by 37.8%

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We identified car hire as a key opportunity for Expedia to improve their organic search performance.

Strategy & Approach

  1. We analysed the marketplace vs key competitors to understand where the customer search demand was and identify 500 priority keyword targets.
  2. We updated 650 pages with improved on-page optimisation, around our top target keywords.
  3. We applied a further 90,000 new meta descriptions and 3,000 new title tags on-site and technical SEO recommendations within car hire.
  4. We built a targeted content hub and created 60 pieces of initial content in order to attract visitors at the awareness and consideration stages of the customer journey, generating targeted digital PR coverage with further monthly content now published.


  1. Transactions YoY uplift of 19% in organic transactions
  2. Traffic delivering an uplift of 37.8% in organic search traffic. Average Expedia categories have grown by 14% in YoY organic traffic. This means car hire has outperformed the rest of the site by 170%
  3. Rankings improved rankings for 1,721 keywords – across all 3,013 tracked car hire keywords, we have increased rankings by 5.8 positions since Jan 2017. All targeted around attracting potential car hire customers. In addition to this, our top target term “car hire” has increased from #8 to #3 in Google UK.

“Month over month, we continue to see record breaking traffic growth. Re:signal are creatives at heart and they deliver measurable results.”

Patricia Hernanz, Senior SEO Project Manager


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