Introducing Re:commerce – our 1-day SEO conference

We’re delighted to announce that on 10th March next year, we are running a 1-day eCommerce SEO conference in London!

This will be hosted at the stunning Ham Yard Hotel, and we’ve been working very hard to secure what is an incredible line-up of 15 speakers, 5 breakout session leaders, 4 moderators, 1 emcee and a partridge in a pear tree…

I genuinely believe we’ve curated the conference line-up of our dreams, and we’re very proud to share this with you.

Keynote speakers:

  • Rory Sutherland: I first saw Rory speak live at an A4U Affiliate Marketing event about 12 years ago. I’m showing my age a little here… At the time, it was the best talk I’ve even seen live, he was captivating. It still hasn’t been topped yet! It’s incredible to have Rory opening our conference, his way to look at the world through a lens of behavioural economics applied to advertising is fascinating and unrivalled. I’m sure our audience will find the same. Definitely checkout his writing + TED talks in the meantime.

  • Aleyda Solís: I must have known Aleyda for at least 10 years. She needs no introduction, having now spoken at 100s of digital marketing events across the world. Aleyda will always share an action packed presentation full of inspiration, ideas and actions to takeaway. She lives and breathes SEO, alongside being one of the nicest people in the industry.

eCommerce SEO trends panel:

We follow Rory’s keynote with a panel to discuss the latest trends in eCommerce SEO. This brings together the software insights (Steve Paine from Sistrix), with the agency side (Khushal Khan, Re:signal) meeting the in-house client side (Alina Ghost, Boohoo and Gerry White, Oda) in what I’m sure will a fascinating session, where we’ll open the floor to audience for Q&A.

Quickfire SEO talks:

We have 3x sessions, each of which are 20 mins of presentations – followed by a 10-min Q&A with all of the speakers from each session.

  • Session 1:
    • Areej AbuAli (Crawlina + Women in Tech SEO) kicks us off with a session on site architecture optimisation for seasonality, bringing her experience from Papier, Zoopla and more.
    • Callum Lockwood (Re:signal) will share how to drive eCommerce organic search revenue, with examples from clients ASICS and FatFace.
    • Izzi Smith (Kurzgesagt) presents the issue of sustainability, and the CO2 impact of not just website visits, but also how search engines crawl your site, and what we must do to take account for this to improve.
  • Session 2:
    • Lily Ray (Amsive Digital) will share the latest trends and tactics around Google’s algorithm.
    • Luke Carthy (Independent consultant) shares a timely and incredibly useful presentation on how to nail GA4 for ecommerce to drive sales growth
    • Yagmur Simsek (Re:signal) talks about the eCommerce SEO platforms, the pros/cons and migration challenges.
  • Session 3:
    • Ric Rodriquez (Finsu) is a regular at our London SEO breakfast events you’ll be hearing more on his passion for entities and their use within eCommerce.
    • Kristina Azarenko (tech.pro) is joining us from Canada to share how the big brands are being smart with their internal linking.
    • Marty Weintraub (Aimclear) for anyone who hasn’t seen Marty speak before, I won’t ruin it for you. I’ll just say enjoy! Marty will share how to leverage PPC data in order to impact your organic search performance. Before I even see the deck, I know it will have so many ideas your head will hurt!

Retail therapy breakout sessions:

For those who have been before, you’ll know we run a regular SEO breakfast roundtable event. This allows in-house retail SEOs to bring together their challenges and get support from the group (often labelled as therapy sessions, hence the name!). We decided we’ll bring this together into our event, and we’ll be asking attendees to pick/join a table to discuss a selected topic, with an assigned expert.

A big thank you to our hosts for this, which includes;

  • Laura Yuen, M&S (in-house international SEO)
  • Arnout Hellemans, Consultant (Revenue impact of page speed)
  • Hollie Gibson, Re:signal (SEO driven content strategy)
  • Nick Wilsdon, Torque Partnership (Edge technology and AI driven content)
  • Claire Carlile, BrightLocal (Local SEO for retail)

Thank you to the Re:signal team:

Finally, we couldn’t do this without the Re:signal team. So a huge thank you to Matt Burns-Peake (our marketing manager) for answering my 752 daily questions over the last 3 months working on this. Hannah Butcher our MD and emcee hosting us on the day. Our moderators, David Bryan, Marie Turner and Khushal Khan. And our project managers + team for making sure the event runs smoothly on the day.

They all have no idea what they’re in for yet!

Get your ticket on the early bird rate!

We have a limited venue size of 150 tickets, and they are already selling fast – so please get yours here, and we’d absolutely love to see you on the day.