SEO Breakfast

The best SEO
minds in London

What is Caffeine?

A quarterly breakfast at a fancy London venue (currently Zoom!), hosted by the best minds in SEO, focussed on the finance, travel or retail sectors.

We are an exclusive club of experienced SEO experts; a support group talking about our flagship projects, differing strategies and making sure that everyone is supported in solving their specific challenges. Chatham House rules apply and of course the whole thing is wrapped up with cup-loads of coffee and tea as well as some of the finest pastries London has to offer.

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Brought to you by

We run an exclusive Slack community, bringing together 400+ experienced in-house marketers at leading global brands. to share the latest learnings and get support on any challenges in a private and trusted environment.

Apply to join the leading online in-house SEO community.

In-house SEO community

Join our in-house online community, this includes:

– Private Slack channel access for 250+ in-marketers

– Weekly email with the latest news in SEO

– Regular Zoom calls, with selected topics and special guests (ran as discussion Q&As) 

(Chatham House rules apply)

Brands include:

Vodafone - Just Eat - M&S
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