Ross Hudgens (Siege Media) – top of funnel content marketing

Last week I had a great virtual conversation with Ross Hudgens, founder/CEO of Siege Media, to discuss content marketing approaches in order to drive organic growth:

  • Intro: 2:10
  • Approach to identify top of funnel content opportunities: 3:49
  • Venn diagram of making content marketing work: 5:52
  • Combination of SEO perspective and what would attract links: 8:43
  • “Campaign spike” vs evergreen content: 10:34
  • When to have digital PR, media outreach approach: 14:19
  • Potential differences between UK and the US market: 17:18
  • Collaboration with in-house PR teams: 21:00
  • Metrics to value content marketing activity in terms of business metrics: 27:54
  • How to scale and build upon your content marketing: 32:50
  • Agency growth / wrap-up: 37:32