Launch of “It’s a good start” podcast

We are excited to announce that our podcast “It’s a good start” is live! Mike Lander, Chairman at Re:signal and CEO at Piscari and Kevin Gibbons, CEO at Re:signal, recorded 6 episodes for the first season of the podcast. 

Learn from Kevin and Mike who share their experiences in entrepreneurship, running digital agencies / consultancies and looking at the buyer side perspective, so that you can take what’s useful and get off to a good start yourself.

The episodes include:

  • Episode 1 – How did the Big 4 Consulting Firms become so big and successful
  • Episode 2 – Build an organic growth engine
  • Episode 3 – Engaging procurement
  • Episode 4 – Personal branding
  • Episode 5 – Negotiation techniques (Part 1)
  • Episode 6 – Negotiation techniques (Part 2)

Find us on the platforms:

Your feedback and questions are appreciated!