Beauty Ecommerce SEO Report

First Edition: November 2023

Beauty Ecommerce SEO Report - Book CoverAs consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for their beauty needs, the importance of a robust online presence cannot be overstated. In this landscape, SEO emerges as the linchpin for success, influencing the discoverability and competitiveness of beauty ecommerce brands.

In this report we explore the beauty industry from an ecommerce specific perspective. We look at the high performers in organic search and the strategies they are adopting to excel, alongside the commercially focused search terms that are driving results. We will also uncover the growth opportunities hidden in the data, and share quick wins/long term strategy moves from our expert SEO delivery team on how to grow presence and revenue in the beauty ecommerce space.

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Deep dive into…

  • Visibility rankings for keywords
  • Organic performance leaderboard
  • Market leader analysis and strategy reveal
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Untapped growth/revenue opportunities to seize
  • Best practices and quick wins

In a fiercely competitive industry, it is crucial to maintain a flexible technical infrastructure that can swiftly adapt to major Google updates and embrace emerging user experience features. Being able to quickly respond to industry shifts is key to staying ahead in the game.