9 ways to create engaging content in challenging industries

Content marketing in challenging industries

Here are nine takeaways from creating content for what are typically considered challenging or boring industries…

9 Ways to Create Engaging Content #ContentMarketingShow from Chelsea Blacker

1. Find a PG angle for your content

Within the gambling industry, it’s difficult to find a positive angle publishers are happy to promote. So, Re:signal focused in on the angle of poker being a sport. Like any sport, there are talents which players must develop in order to improve their game.  For Poker these include maths skills, logic, risk assessment and more. Re:signal decided the concept of bluffing was an area the general public would be interested in learning more about, as lying is a skill everyone would like to be better at detecting in others or maybe even improving their own ability to lie.

2. Get professional researchers involved

We partnered with academic researchers to develop cutting edge research in the area of bluffing, this gave the project legitimacy and the ability to stand up to journalist demand for research integrity. The research finds were originally published on the gambling brand’s website so they were able to act as the original source. Later down the line, this article presenting the findings would be used as the research resource for the infographic to link to.

3. Publishers are partners, involving them means they buy into your content

When it comes to agreeing to publish an infographic with a publisher, it’s important to get publishers involved. But first –

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10 in-house tips for getting content marketing & SEO buy-in

Realisation - man standing looking out on the Sea

Internally, November is the time of year when everyone is looking forward to their new year budgets. No matter what your organisation’s gatekeeper looks like (CMO, line manager, Managing Director), you need to inspire sign off. And with the UK economy beginning to look up, there’s no better time than now to push for additional budget as you plan for the New Year.

  1. Propose new budget spend as a test. Even if you know a new approach will work, starting the initiative small means you appear experimental, curious, and innovative, while being cautious with your organisation’s investment. You can agree on KPIs, and ensure additional investment and sign off if your test meets expectations. This approach ensures your budget gate-keeper is comfortably in control.
  2. Take advantage of procurement. Your procurement team LOVES measuring ROI, assessing your agency relationships, helping you decide where to spend next year’s budget and how to plan it. Let them be of service!

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27 Creative commons & royalty free websites for images

Creative Commons Images

I’ve reviewed a number of websites offering up free images for commercial use in businesses. This means the site has to:

  1. Supply the images without requiring any money
  2. Clearly state that an image falls within Creative Commons (CC) or is royalty free

For more on those terms, refer to the bottom of this review. Some sites supply exclusively creative commons or royalty free images, while other sites offered a mix of images which were free for commercial use with those that were not. It’s always important to understand the restriction on an image before using it, so please do double check images.

Why is it important to use images in your content ?  

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