Google’s Shopping SERPs Update: What it means for eCommerce

Google logo on a building with a sky background

Today, Google unveiled significant updates to its shopping search results pages (SERPs) in Europe, aligning with the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act. Users will now find additional tabs labelled “Products” and “Product Sites” situated just beneath the search bar at the top of the results page. This development introduces features directly linked to organic search results, specifically, organic product tiles. These tiles bear resemblance to the paid or sponsored product tiles familiar to users for many years.

However, they now emphasise a more organic presence within Google’s search results, marking a noteworthy shift towards enhancing the visibility of non-sponsored content. This change aims to foster a more competitive and diverse online marketplace, ensuring that users have access to a wide array of product choices without the direct influence of advertising.


Key takeaways:

  1. Google’s Compliance with EU’s Digital Markets Act: Google introduced organic product tiles and tabs (“Products”

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