The Re:signal eCommerce SEO Webinar 2022

Following the most recent update to our eCommerce SEO Report this month following our take on the September 2022 core update across the UK eCommerce sites, we found a number of interesting changes worth discussing. We invited the in-house SEO experts who contributed to the project back in June, to join us again, for a webinar to explore these key trends and insights.

We were able to assemble an amazing panel of experts:

Watch the full webinar:

Topics we discussed:

  • How the report was built using Sistrix visibility data, and expert insights.
  • The effect of geotagging on visibility.
  • Has there been a shift in attitude towards the value of SEO in eCommerce?
  • Rebalancing SEO expectations, post-COVID.
  • Forecasting for 2022/23.
  • What are the current challenges facing eCommerce SEOs?
  • The increased importance of images in SEO.


Once again, we’d like to say a big thank you to our panel of experts and the team at Sistrix for their incredible contributions to this webinar, and the eCommerce Report project as a whole!