Re:commerce 2024 preview

After a successfull inaugural conference, we are thrilled to be back hosting Re:commerce 2024 on the 15th of March 2024!

Once again we will be hosting the conference at the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel. After receiving so much positive feedback about the venue last time, it was a pretty easy decision to return. Our attendee feedback consistently gave the venue a 10/10 score, with several details impressing. It’s eye-catching decor, large open spaces, impressive theatre, and the delicious food were regularly cited in the feedback received!

Re:commerce 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for businesses looking to stay ahead in the world of online retail. The conference will focus on ecommerce SEO, content marketing, technical SEO, and online revenue growth, and aims to equip attendees with key strategic insights to push their businesses forward!

Tickets are on sale now, starting at £350 with our early bird sale (which ends on the 31st of January). Our agenda is now locked in, so let’s preview what we have in store for our attendees this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can look forward to on the 15th of March!

Our Speakers

Once again, we’ve been hard at work putting together a fantastic speaker line-up of dedicated experts in the ecommerce field. So, here’s a quick look at the amazing speakers we have presenting at Re:commerce 2024.

Keynote: Holly Tucker MBE (Founder of Notonthehighstreet, and Holly&Co)

Co-founder of the iconic online marketplace, Notonthehighstreet.com, Holly’s vision transformed the landscape of ecommerce, championing small businesses and connecting them with a global audience. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Holly Tucker is a dedicated mentor and advocate for small business owners. She loves sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire budding entrepreneurs worldwide. In 2013 Holly was awarded an MBE for services to small businesses and enterprise.

Holly will be delivering a presentation on her newest business venture, Holly&Co. She will share fantastic advice and insights on why she’s doing it again, and her new approach to marketing and growth.

Sophie Brannon (Director of SEO at RushOrderTees)

Sophie Brannon has played an instrumental role in driving the RushOrderTee’s online visibility and growth. A respected thought leader in the field of SEO, Sophie frequently shares her expertise through industry publications and speaking engagements. Her passion for educating and empowering others underscores her commitment to driving positive change within the digital marketing community.

Sophie will be delivering an insight-packed presentation entitled “How To Better Optimise Your PDP Pages & Why You Should”. Drawing on her experiences at RushOrderTees, Sophie will deep dive into the benefits of PDP page optimisation, and the best strategies to make them as effective as possible.

Kaspar Szymanski (Founder of SearchBrothers)

Formerly of Google’s Search Quality team, Kaspar Szymanski has an extensive knowledge of search algorithms and online visibility. Kaspar’s Re:commerce 2024 talk “SEO Horror Stories” will shed light on 3 real-life SEO disaster cases. Kaspar will show what triggered these major SEO meltdowns, and provide learnings on how to avoid these in the future.

Arnoldo Cabrera (Digital Optimisation Manager at IKEA)

We are so excited to give a big Re:commerce welcome to Arnoldo Cabrera,. As a Digital Optimisation Manager at IKEA, Arnoldo is the driving force behind IKEA’s digital evolution and optimization efforts. At Re:commerce 2024, Arnoldo will be presenting “A Decade of SEO Strategies at IKEA.COM: Top 3 Insights”. In this session he will share his main takeaways, insights and lessons from his time at IKEA so far!

Callum Lockwood (Client Partner at Re:signal)

We are delighted to once again welcome back Re:signaller Callum Lockwood to the Re:commerce stage! At Re:signal, Callum Lockwood plays a pivotal role in driving growth and ecommerce success for our clients. His passion for staying at the forefront of industry trends and strategic insight ensures that clients receive best-in-class strategies and unparalleled results.

Following his fabulous talk at Re:commerce 2023, we can’t wait to see Callum presenting again at this year’s event. Callum will share his expert knowledge on structured data and site architecture for ecommerce success.

Dawn Anderson (Managing Director at BERTey)

With over 11 years at the helm of SEO agency BERTey, Dawn Anderson has established herself as a digital marketing expert. Dawn will be presenting on “Human vs AI Quality Raters for Search Engines”. Human quality raters have been the mainstay of search engine algorithm evaluation for decades but a sea-change is coming. These changes could be significantly impacting search engine relevance evaluations and the quality and cadence of algorithmic updates. Dawn will be sharing her findings, and providing insights and guidance on this trending issue!

Kevin Indig (Growth Marketing Advisor – Freelance)

Kevin Indig is a well-known, and revered expert in the world of digital marketing and SEO. With an impressive track record of driving growth for numerous brands over his career, Kevin has become an expert voice in the world of ecommerce marketing. Kevin is also a renowned speaker, and has presented at some of the best-known conferences in the industry.

Kevin will be sharing his marketing knowledge, with a presentation exploring “What the top online shops do best”. Featuring a round-up of top tactics and strategies, and a 360 degree overview of where ecommerce is going.

Amanda Beales (SEO Strategist at Re:signal)

After joining Re:signal in April 2023, Amanda has gone from strength to strength. As an SEO Strategist, she provides our clients with crucial strategic insights, and helps to produce amazing, industry leading results. Amanda has extensive knowledge in technical SEO, and content marketing, having worked in-house before making the switch to agency life.

Amanda will be presenting on “Common Technical SEO Pain Points for Ecommerce Sites”. She will be investigating common technical SEO problems expereienced by many ecommerce brands, and showing their impact on growth.

Jono Alderson (Technical SEO Consultant)

A well-respected and knowledgeable voice in the SEO marketing space. Jono Alderson is an award-winning marketing expert, with over 15 years of experience working in the digital marketing space. He is a regular speaker at some of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the world.

Jono will be delivering a fascinating talk on “Contentless Marketing”, critiquing the way we currently think of ecommerce content. He believes that digital marketers need to start tailoring content specifically to solve user problems.

Cindy Krum (CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie)

Cindy founded her mobile marketing and SEO agency, MobileMoxie, in 2008, and has established herself as a well-respected expert in this field. Under her leadership MobileMoxie have continued to make strides in the mobile marketing world. In 2022 MobileMoxie launched their first mobile-focused SEO toolset, to help SEO’s see what actual mobile search results & pages look like from anywhere.

Cindy will be delivering a presentation on. “Understanding the Future of EEAT & Ecommerce” where she will be deep diving into how EEAT and other signals impact Google’s evaluation of your product offering, and drive your presence or absence in the search result.

Jes Scholz (Marketing Consultant)

Closing out the Re:commerce2024 speaker line-up is the amazing Jes Scholz – a prominent voice in the world of growth marketing. Jes is quoted regularly in many industry publications and has presented at some of the biggest conferences in the world. Having worked as a freelancer for several well-known brands, and in-house with Ringier AG, Jes has a wealth of experience and insights to share.

Jes will be speaking about Google’s metamorphosis and the recent changes seen across the search landscape. Jes will be looking at vertical videos in the SERPs, Google shopping and Discover interactions, conversational AI, and their impacts on ecommerce growth on Google surfaces.

Ecommerce Q&A Panel

Following positive feedback last year, we have brought back our ecommerce panel session for Re:commerce 2024! Last year, we discussed specific search patterns and intriguing data insights with our panel of SEO pros, whilst answering questions from the audience.

This year, we’ll have a one-hour Q&A session where the audience can talk directly to our panellists about wider ecommerce and SEO topics, and receive actionable advice. We have assembled a fantastic line-up of experts from the world of ecommerce marketing and SEO for this panel session:

Judith Lewis (Founder of Decabbit Consultancy)

A renowned expert in the digital marketing space, having founded her own marketing and business growth agency, Decabbit, in 2013. Judith is a regular speaker at industry functions and conferences, and we can’t wait to have her on stage!

Rene Harris (Global SEO Lead at Avon Cosmetics)

Rene specializes in online search engine optimization and has been guiding Avon Cosmetics’ growth for over a decade. We are really excited to have Rene joining us for this panel discussion.

Julian Redlich (Vice President at Permira)

Following 5 years working within the SEO team for Booking.com, Julian became Vice President at global investment firm Permira. Julian has experience driving growth for several top brands such as Dr Martens, and Golden Goose.

Khushal Khan (Client Partner at Re:signal)

As an integral part of the Re:signal team, Khushal has been helping our clients to grow for over 5 years. With an extensive background in technical SEO, it is great to have Khushal returning to the panel session this year.

The ecommerce panel session will provide a unique opportunity for the audience to get actionable, quality advice from our panel of industry experts. So, if you have a burning question in the back of your mind, or a problem you are experiencing with your ecommerce site, make sure you jot it down, ready to ask at the Q&A!

Roundtable/Networking Session

We will once again be running our extremely popular roundtables at this year’s Re:commerce! The session will be taking place just before lunch, and will last for an extended period of 45 minutes. This session consists of 6 roundtable discussions, on specific topic areas, with each one being chaired by an industry expert. Attendees can book their space onto one of these roundtables online, before the event.

The topic areas covered will be:

  • Content Migrations & Shopify
  • PPC trends & insights
  • Data driven conversion optimisation
  • Sportswear ecommerce success
  • Technical SEO insights
  • Rank tracking & SERP analysis

Don’t fancy joining a roundtable? Or just looking for some time in the day to answer emails, make notes, or have some downtime? No problem – during the same period attendees can mingle with other delegates, network, and relax before lunch.

Our dedicated SEO Clinic

A brand-new feature for Re:commerce 2024! We will be running an SEO clinic throughout the day, in the foyer of the conference space! Attendees can drop in throughout the day, and receive free SEO advice and assistance from our award-winning SEO delivery team. You can also book a dedicated time slot online, before the event!

Tickets are now on sale, and you can secure yours by heading to our official event page. We are looking forward to a day of insights, ideas, and inspiration! See you there!