Introducing our eCommerce SEO (UK) Report 2020

We’re very excited to launch our eCommerce SEO (UK) 2020 report today. This has been a big project for us over the summer, where we’ve put together:

  1. Trends of the retail sector in 2020 and outlook for 2021 and beyond, with insights from KPMG’s Head of UK Retail, Paul Martin on the.
  2. Expert SEO views on the impact of Covid 19, plus how you should be adapting your strategies – with a big thank you to Dewi Nawasari, Luis Navarrete Gomez, Julian Pettit, David Williams, Alina Ghost, Omi Sido, Orit Mutznik, Samantha Chilcott, Federico Rebeschini and Juan Daniel Mínguez for their contributions.
  3. Organic visibility winners/losers – using Sistrix’s organic visibility score we have analysed and categorised the top 250 retail domains to show the market trends. 


I’m sure you’ll find lots of very interesting trends and insights here, so please grab a cup of tea and take your time watching, listening and reading through the report

Here is a catch-up of our launch webinar with Steve Paine (Sistrix), Alina Ghost (Amara) and Dewi Nawasari (The Sole Supplier).