BlueGlass London becomes Re:signal

Today marks the start of a new chapter for us, as we launch our new brand, Re:signal.

Our aim

Over the last year in particular, we’ve been working hard at trying to innovate and improve our SEO and content marketing offering, thinking not just about what is working today, but also where things are going tomorrow…

I’ve spent a lot of time personally researching the future of search, and it’s become clear that human behaviours are shifting.

The days of 10 blue links and purely desktop results are long gone. The days of mobile, apps, featured snippets/knowledge graph and voice search are here right now, and the trends show this is the new norm.

As search behaviours shift, our thinking needs to adapt. We need to make sure our clients are the best answer to a query, irrespective of the device or platform, whenever or wherever it’s being used.

Why rebrand?

As I’m sure most agencies can relate to, it can be easy to get lost in the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” issue, where clients come first and your own brand (or child!) takes a back seat.

We’re certainly guilty more than most of this. But with all the work we’re doing, we decided now is the time to.

As we went through the process of agency branding/re-positioning, we decided that it was the right time to reinvent ourselves.

This is only a rebranding of BlueGlass London. We continue to partner with BlueGlass Zürich and Tallinn offices, who do great work within their respective markets.

Why Re:signal?

It really stood out to us and can mean multiple things:

  • Re:invent
  • Re:energise
  • Re:fresh
  • Re:new
  • Re:position
  • Re:think
  • Re:launch

It’s a name that shows that by building relevancy and authority within our clients’ content, we are sending all the right signals to search engines and users alike.

Re:signal is unique to us, and it’s a brand we’re really excited to call our own ahead of our next chapter.

What’s next?

I love Jeff Bezos’ way of thinking about innovation: rather than just thinking about what will be new in 10+ years, try thinking about what will still be here.

Looking into the future, we can’t lose sight of what works today and what has helped to make BlueGlass London successful to-date…

But if I’ve learned anything in the 15 years I’ve been doing SEO, it’s that if you stand still, you’re going backwards. You simply have to look ahead.

Re:signal is about being the best answer today, whilst helping brands anticipate and navigate the future of search.

All the best,

Kevin and the Re:signal Team