Announcing Re:signal’s new senior leadership team

We’ve got some exciting news to share!

Our senior leadership team is now fully formed, meaning we have some promotions and strategic changes to announce…

  • Kevin Gibbons remains CEO and Founder, setting the company vision
  • Hannah Butcher has been promoted to Managing Director, implementing the company vision
  • Elizabeth Rowe moves into a full-time role as Talent and Human Resources Manager, focusing on talent attraction and employee experience
  • Khushal Khan will look after the SEO product and team as our Head of Strategy
  • Rachel Dexter has been promoted to Head of Operations, with a focus on client experience


We’ve been quietly working away, and have experienced fast growth over the last 6 months in particular, and have a clear plan on how we fully intend to keep this going.

One important lesson I’ve learned over the years is you can go fast alone, or you can go further together.

It’s also a case of what got us here, won’t get us there – we need to be ready for the next stage of our journey, and with such a strong team in place, I couldn’t be more confident about what the future holds. They’re brilliant individually, and even better collectively.

I’ve always said what makes me most proud in our work, isn’t necessarily the obvious highlights of big client or award wins, but it’s seeing people improve and grow with us throughout the team.

We’re excited for this next chapter at Re:signal, with much more yet to come – watch this space!