Alps, algos & après-ski: 4 days in the life of a Re:signaler

Last week, Re:signal and BlueGlass Zurich spent an exciting weekend together in Switzerland for the BlueGlass Winter Summit 2015.

We had a brilliant time walking around Zurich, eating delicious food, enjoying the local wine/beer, spending time together and trying to not cause any avalanches on the slopes!

Zurich By Night

(A beautiful view of Zurich by night)

We wanted to share with you a brief chronicle of what you’ve been missing to show you how much fun we had.


Finding one word to sum up the BlueGlass Winter Summit isn’t easy.

The only word that flows in our mind is STUNNING:  stunning places, stunning weather and snow conditions, stunning food and, above all, stunning hosts and guests! Some of us would even say stunning falls on the slopes…

Top of The World

(Breathtaking view at 2536mt)

The trip has been the perfect occasion to reunite colleagues and digital marketers from all over Europe, combining inspiring conference sessions and fun activities, surrounded by beautiful landscapes only Switzerland can offer.

Lovely Arosa

(A lovely glimpse on Arosa)

Swiss Flag on The Top

(Swiss flag on the top of Swiss Alpes)

From day 1 to day 4, the BlueGlass Winter Summit never stopped surprising us!

WinterSummit Program

(The official Winter Summit Program)


On Wednesday, the super-efficient and organised Zurich team welcomed us to their new office for an official Re:signal and BlueGlass Zurich conference.

The conference offered an interesting insight into what the present and future digital opportunities BlueGlass and our clients have to face.

 Patrick Conference

(Patrick speaking about SEO 2018)

With a very detailed programme, some great speakers from the two teams exhaustively presented what makes us unique and what we would like to achieve this year.

 Patrick discussed the challenges that SEO has to face, not just in 2015, but as far afield as in 2018! Staying on top of the changes by knowing exactly what they mean is the key to success, and helps BlueGlass to keep innovative.

 Rafael Conference

(Rafael speaking about BG collaborations)

We then listened to Russ sharing recent Paid Media Strategy and Campaign successes, exchanging data and opinions on the matter.

 Kevin talked about past successes and future goals for evolving our Content Marketing process.


And to crown it all – we were never short of cheese and alcohol throughout the trip!

Wine & Apple Dessert


BlueGlass Winter Summit 2015 wasn’t just about meetings and evenings spent around the dinner table with a full glass of wine: skiing and snowboarding was obviously the most important thing on the agenda.

On Thursday, the team headed to the breathtaking Arosa, a charming town in the Swiss Alps.

Arosa by Night

(View of Arosa from the hotel room window)

Our fantastic hosts organised many exciting activities.

It was so much fun playing curling before the snow came! And so much more, it was tobogganing down a beautiful tree-lined run with the stars shining brightly overhead.

Curling Time

Claudia Curling

(Curling time with a curling expert)

Sledging by Night

(Claudia having a spasm on the far left)

But the best of our times in Arosa had to come yet. It’s on Friday and Saturday that the joyful crew jumped on skis and snowboards to enjoy two amazing days under a shining sun and,  to top it all off, the winter Ski Cross World Cup!

BlueGlassers Skiing

Nicole Irma Andy Skiing

Funny Googles

The group was composed of all levels skiers: from experts jumping off pistes, to first time beginners attending lessons.

Also, BlueGlass had a perfect timing organising its Summit in this time of the year. In fact, we had the chance to watch the Ski Cross World Cup 2015.

Ski Cross World Cup

(SKI Cross World Cup 2015 live)


BlueGlass Winter Summit was eventful. Every night the BlueGlassers and their guests showed their party animal side experiencing Arosa’s nightlife till early in the morning. Such a funny bunch of people!

Zurich vida loca

(Living la vida loca in Zurich)

Apero Arosa

(Apéro in Arosa)

Bloody Mary Shots

(Bloody Mary shots)

On the top of that, there was always time for some extended après-ski. We couldn’t tell how many warming punches and Swiss beers we had while playing Swiss drinking dice games.

Dice Games

(Traditional Swiss drinking dice game)

We can just tell you that it was hard getting out of the bed at 7:30am the next day. Pretty self-explanatory…

Jager shots

(Notice the logo hats)

Apres Ski

No Wine No Party

(Leitmotif of the weekend)

The fatigues of getting up early were largely rewarded by delicious and genuine Swiss breakfasts.

Freshly baked stone cooked bread, Swiss cheese, ham and salami, accompanied by buttery and crisp croissants, jams and butter. You are feeling hungry, aren’t you?

Swiss Breakfast

Chelsea Kills Croissant

You will feel even hungrier when you read about the amazing dinners we had. Different kind of meat self-cooked on black stones, hot soups, charcuteries, cheese and more cheese. Life is beautiful. And so it is Switzerland.

Apple Donuts

(Apfelküchlein mit Vanillesauce – apple doughnuts with Vanilla cream)

Not to mention the hearth warming mulled wine and the yummy cheese fondue accompanied by Kirsch in a Santa Claus like a cottage. Wunderbar!


(The charming cottage at the bottom of the toboggan run)

Mulled Wine

(Delicious mulled wine welcomed us over a bonfire, along with huskies)

Raclette Fondue

(The super tasty Raclette cheese fondue)

Fondue night

So what did we get from this amazing BlueGlass Winter Summit?

  • London and Zurich have simplified processes in order to work in closer partnership over our multinational clients
  • London will soon have a new office just like Zurich, and we have their design inspiration
  • We met new collaborators and friends;
  • We had a superb time;
  • Our ski, snowboard, and curling skills have improved
  • We’re all still in one piece!
  • The beginner skiers didn’t kill anyone or themselves – Thank God.

Lunch and Skiing

P.S. Contact us if you want some of our fantastic hats! Give us a shout on Twitter with the hashtag #BlueGlassStyle and tell us which colour would you prefer!