90 content marketing takeaways from BlueGlassX

I spent last week in Tampa at the BlueGlassX conference. Upon returning from BlueGlass LA earlier this year, I said it was the best conference I’d ever been to, so I knew what to expect this time. BlueGlass LA was not only a great learning experience, but also was a pivotal point for me in deciding to join BlueGlass.

It  was great to see things from the other side by presenting at the event, and now being a part of BlueGlass. I really appreciate all of the hard work and planning that goes on behind the scenes.

I learned a lot during the event. There were some truly great actionable takeaways. Although there are already great recapposts, I wanted to share some of the most useful tips and soundbites I found tweetable during the event. Here are my 90 takeaway tips from BlueGlassX in the form of tweets:

BlueGlass ConferenceStrategy

  • There’s no longer a debate whether or not content works. Google has made it the only way to go. @GregBoser
  • Chase quality not money. Quality, method, and patience pay off. @GregBoser
  • I ask potential clients more questions than they ask me – it’s an equal interview @GregBoser
  • @lauralippay: I love hearing @GregBoser talk about agency structure and processes and especially *thinking ahead.*
  • Radio ads that tell people to ‘google you’ are genius. Not only do you show up #1, but you give Google signals that matter. @GregBoser
  • Brand queries associate your business with your industry/keywords with Google. @GregBoser
  • 85% of @copyblogger‘s sales process is done through content marketing. It’s the invisible sales process.
  • Main problem with SEO industry is people just look two weeks ahead! @GregBoser
  • Agile Marketing is more tactic-driven than strategy, be prepared to adapt – don’t just throw stuff against the wall! @GregBoser


Conference questions

Photo by Patrick Winfield

  • ‘Create an asset that pays you over and over instead of once.’ @copyblogger
  • Follow up with human relationships – this whole business has always been about that! @GregBoser
  • If you wait for everything to be perfect to launch, it’s not going to happen.’ @MissyWard
  • ‘Change, for better or worse, is the only constant.’ @tolles
  • I don’t even know if I’m doing marketing or PR – the lines are so blurry. @MissyWard
  • Find clients that have buy-in and want to win – just paying the bills doesn’t grow your business, success stories do. @GregBoser
  • Understand persuasion and influence – get them in the sales process without them knowing they’re in a sales process. @copyblogger

Content Marketing

  • BlueGlass 15 Grammar GoofsBlueGlass grammar goofs infographicutilising five-year-old content is the most popular post on @copyblogger
  • We had to convince clients to reallocate link budget into content-driven strategy – it was hard work until April! @GregBoser
  • It’s not content that is king, its context. If you don’t have context it doesn’t matter how much content you have. @Rzwicky
  • We’re going to see more CEOs with ghost-writing teams – building up author profiles behind content. @GregBoser
  • The execution of the content production is the hardest part. @GregBoser
  • Re: comments: people like facts; like to see votes (likes, tweets, etc.); like badges, don’t like super users. @SimonHeseltine
  • 70% of @huffingtonpost comments are replies to other people – great community!  @SimonHeseltine
  • Focus + Consistency = Win for @seomoz – building up posts, tweets etc. @jennita
  • At SEOmoz, we train people that if you comment, we respond. @jennita
  • Don’t be eager, be exclusive. @copyblogger
  • Deciding when to publish content should be based on your audience. @kevgibbo


  • Geo-trust rank makes so much sense to improve relevancy and trust for Google. @GregBoser
  • @copyblogger: ‘You couldn’t pay me enough money to link to you, but if you get me to like you’ @GregBoser ’that’s why you’re here!’
  • We’re very big on data-driven stuff, so the same tools used for SEO can help with content strategy. @GregBoser
  • Google’s organic search has become so localized that companies who don’t have brick and mortar struggle. @GregBoser
  • Don’t give money to Google. Give money to your SEO. @chiropractic

Blogger Outreach

  • Be good, build relationships & share good stuff – message echoed by@copyblogger @oilman & @GregBoser
  • Educating your PR team is one of the most undervalued link building tactics. @copyblogger
  • It’s heartwarming to hear that once upon a time, even @copyblogger didn’t have connections and quality links.
  • If you don’t have a large audience, leverage someone else’s while you build your own. @kevgibbo
  • Comments are an underrated KPI by SEOs. @kevgibbo
  • Hire writers who focus on a niche. They not only bring their expertise, but also networks in that industry. @kevgibbo

Google Authorship

Todd Friesen

Todd Friesen (@oilman)
Photo by Michael Dorausch

  • Authorship – It’s not just about TOPICS writers will focus on. Let’s talk about GEOGRAPHIC RELEVANCE. @GregBoser
  • Authorship is the best signal Google has to show trust in who is responsible for a piece of content. @oilman
  • Google Authorship will bring the demise of anonymous writers. @GregBoser
  • Q: What’s Google most committed to moving forward? A: Authorship @GregBoser
  • Google Authorship is the strongest signal of Google moving forward – get links from trust agents. @GregBoser

Paid Search

  • PPC sitelinks don’t get high volume of clicks – but it lifts overall CTR which is vital for improving quality score.
  • Top three paid spots account for 41.1% of clicks on a search! @janellaravie

Social Promotion

  • Foursquare does nothing – don’t give money to them, give it back to customers. $1 off beer if you check in @chiropractic
  • Rather than spending time creating more content, try promoting existing content to people who haven’t seen it yet! @derekhalpern
  • Send your audience to a landing page, not your Facebook page! @GregBoser
  • Tap into audience psychology to better leverage your content. @kevgibbo
  • What types of people share: 1) Altruists 2) Careerists 3) Hipsters 4) Boomerangs 5) Connectors 6) Selectives @kevgibbo
  • Why do people share content? Interesting, Insightful, Brand they love, Social Validation, Entertaining or Incentive @kevgibbo
  • “Altruists will share your content because they are being charitable or helpful to their friends.” @kevgibbo
  • “Careerists will share your content to look knowledgeable and build a reputation.” @kevgibbo

Local Search

Dr Mike at BlueGlassX

Dr. Mike (@chiropractic) fist pumping with excitement
Photo by Michael Dorausch

  • Great tips from @chiropractic for using historic info to create unique online content in city centroid for local search!
  • ‘Every one of your images in local listing should be GEO tagged and have relevant file names.’@chiropractic
  • Photography is huge in local – minimum of six high-quality photos and one high-res logo. @chiropractic
  • Nearest location is important – if you’re looking for pizza you don’t want to travel 25 miles. @chiropractic
  • Local algorithm: 2000 = title tags+links, 2008 = citations+location data, 2011 = reviews, 2012 = blended links. @davidmihm
  • Magnitude of reviews = helps outrank competition big time. The more reviews the better…even if they’re three stars. @chiropractic
  • Mobile search results are becoming more related to your actual location – as opposed to central in a city. @davidmihm
  • Get to know ‘power reviewers‘ as a business, be on their radar screen; build a softer relationship, no black hat tactics. @davidmihm
  • Quantity of links from locally-relevant domains and links to local pages = strong Google Local factor. @davidmihm
  • Enrich Google Maps with your Local Knowledge Use Google Map Maker to add locations and change local info @davidmihm
  • Whitespark recommended by@davidmihm to find local citation sources.
  • The two schemas to pay attention to for local search are the local business schema and rich snippet reviews. @davidmihm
  • Strong citations for local search = mentions of business, address or phone number on the Web. @davidmihm
  • GeoSitemapGenerator.com – a tool that helps associate your website with a physical place. @davidmihm
  • Multi-location businesses – submit individual location pages to G+ @davidmihm
  • ‘You need a landing page that has local scent.’ Include your biz title in the title tag of your landing page. @davidmihm
  • 40-50% of mobile search now has local intent. @johnhdenny

Link Building

Ross Hudgens BlueGlassX

Ross Hudgens
Photo by Michael Dorausch

Technical SEO

  • First thing to ask for is the client’s PPC data. Let’s see what’s working and build a strategy around that. @GregBoser
  • gtmetrix.com recommended by @selenavidyaas a site performance analysis tool.
  • Find similar keyword diversifications by using ~ query in Google. @selenavidya
  • Technical SEO isn’t dead – Google has pushed a lot of the problems back on us and they’ve upped the stakes. @dr_pete
  • ‘Make a bullet list of every issue you’ve had w/ a ‘bad client’ & use it to create a client interview questionnaire.’ @selenavidya
  • Giving a client an audit list of problems isn’t important. Building and prioritising that list into a clear plan is! @GregBoser

Content Strategy

  • Learn from your analytics – look at which content worked and which didn’t. @kevgibbo
  • Superuseful analytics trick from @kevgibbo – filter for KW’s HOW WHAT WHY WHEN WHO – answer questions w/content!
  • Keyword research tools lack the creativity your content needs. @kevgibbo
  • Navigational and branded searches are your top-converting keywords – prioritize them! @kevgibbo
  • Three content pillars – Do. Know. Go. Consumers use search engines to do or know something, or go somewhere. @kevgibbo
  • Answer common questions with content & rankings in search engines will naturally generate links. @kevgibbo

Look forward to seeing you all at BlueGlass LA next year!

Kevin Gibbons is a co-founder and CEO at Re:signal – he has been involved in digital marketing since 2003 and frequently speaks/writes at industry-leading events and publications. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

by Kevin Gibbons