2022 update: winners & losers in eCommerce SEO

We’ve just updated our eCommerce SEO Report based on Sistrix organic visibility data, showing which brands have seen visibility changes in 2022, and providing a look back at how industry trends and challenges have impacted the market over the last 12 months.

I recently interviewed Paul Martin from KPMG to discuss the market movement and industry trends we have seen so far in 2022.  It’s been fascinating to see how the sector has had to navigate through a huge range of obstacles, including geopolitical and macroeconomic. pressures, supply chain problems, and the cost-efficiency agenda. During this time we’ve seen lots of fluctuation in the visibility within a number of categories. We’ve picked out some eye-catching insights below.


 Overall Leaders

Overall Online Visibility Leaderboard - June 2022

  • Amazon.co.uk has maintained its dominance here, despite a slight dip in mid-May, which it has managed to swiftly recover from.
  • An up-and-down year for ebay.co.uk has seen them hold onto 2nd place, but open up a sizeable gap to amazon.co.uk at the top.
  • Etsy.com was able to leapfrog amazon.com, and argos.co.uk, to take 3rd spot.


Biggest Winners

Biggest Winners - Who increased their online visibility the most in 2022

  • Amazon.co.uk continued to build on their already impressive visibility advantage, with a massive increase of 1021.158!
  • Ebay.co.uk enjoyed the biggest month-to-month difference, with a huge 249.6995 rise from late May – late June.


Biggest Losers

Biggest Losers - Who lost their online visibility the most in 2022

  • Both amazon.com and ebay.com recorded massive visibility losses during this timeframe, whilst their “co.uk” counterparts saw huge increases.
  • Missguided.co.uk suffered a huge comparative visibility loss that saw them drop out of the top 10 within the Fashion category, all the way down to 19th. This is possibly indicative of the increased importance consumers are placing on sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.


Key categories:

Within specific categories, you can see the progress vs closer competitors for each brand.


  • Marginal movement across the board for most of these brands. Next.co.uk recorded a small visibility increase and were able to maintain top spot.
  • Boohoo.com saw the largest visibility increase across the whole category, over this time (+ 22.017), which saw them leapfrog matalan.co.uk into 3rd place.

Fashion Online Visibility Leaderboard - June 2022


  • Sportsdirect.com was just about able to hold onto the top spot. Some amazing ground made up by decathalon.co.uk has seen the gap at the summit narrow from 8.467 in July 2021, to just 3.1577 at present!
  • Decathalon.co.uk also saw the largest visibility increase across the whole category, over this time, with an increase of 16.1744

Sportswear Online Visibility Leaderboard - June 2022



  • It was a similar story in the Supermarkets category, with asda.com holding top spot, but seeing their cushion to tesco.com reduce to 2.5393

Supermarkets Online Visibility Leaderboard - June 2022


You can read the full report here